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perjantai 9. toukokuuta 2014

Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014 - Road Trip, part 2

Hey, It's me again. Now we shall continue this timeless story.
The morning rise sunny and after our hotel breakfast- smörgåsbord we ended up somwehere around Österbro? To a place called Sparta Hallen. Yes, I shouted "SPARTA" occasionally, because there were an army of strong beers from Persia waiting to take over my body and all my 300 leftover brain cells. Soon after we destroyed a can of Jai Alai, we ended up in long line of thirsty people, ready to get totally drunk with these "imperial cucumber gose with jalapeno assortiment with moustache wax" beers. The enthusiasm, beards and Kekkonen glasses were the last evidence that we were on a right place, but totally wrong time.

a Few hundred meters of hurdles
Tip no 1. Buy huge backpack and a tent. Pack the tent and fill the rest of the bag with cans of Carlsberg and Tuborg. Make a camp in front of the Sparta Hallen doors a week before the Celebration. Drink all the beer and remember to tell everyone why you're already drinking probably the best beer in the world. Use the empty cans to distract the army of geeks in the final morning and be first to get some hangover remedy.

After half an hour on queue we finally got our pink bracelets and all the taps waited to get drinked..

Brewery list

The most memorable beer of the session 1: Cycle - Fixie -> Could drink a sixpack, anytime, anywhere.

After the session we we're going to eat something while waiting the start of the next session, or was it so?

With full belly the second session wasn't that much fun. It was more like listening Manowar Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy few time around. Here are some thoughts:

The most memorable beer of the session 2: Mikkeller - Spontantripleblueberry-> Fresh dessert after eating. Full of berrypower.
That's all Folks. For now. Hmmm. What happened during the Red and Green session? Can't remember, but maybe Youtube will remember. So see U next time.

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