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maanantai 12. toukokuuta 2014

Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014 - Road trip, part 3

This is the final chapter of our trip to Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014.

"Saturday morning and no hangover" Was my initial feeling after plundering way too many different, but awesome, beers. This time we tried to be clever and we arrived to Sparta Hallen 30min before the first session of the day... Just to end up in a huge queue again :)
I sniffed the air, there are some great beers near.. And I was right. Just next to the doorstep were left beers, that some might say were the best of the show. Did You taste these crown jewels?

Best beers of the celebration?
Ok, we finally got inside, but for some reason we didn't get two glasses, like we did the day before. Naturally that wasn't a problem, because we picked the second glass from the other door near the garderobe.
Maybe the most interesting innovation of this session was that To Øl had a hangover day so they left an beer vending machine to their desk.

Free bottles of beer
The machine was full of Blossom and I really liked the idea and the beer. This time we throwed our glasses away and drinked the most manly way. Especially in a festival full of beergeeks..

Eventually the Red Session was a success. We really enjoyed.

Most memorable beer of the session: Westbrook Rhubarb Remix-> Strwaberry and rhubarb berliner weisse. So strange, so classic and so good.

We tried to be more smart and didn't eat that much between sessions. The last session, Green, was packed full of thirsty people, but we found ourselves outdoors, because the weather was great and I personally like to drink outside (In a matter of fact, I even writed this outdoors drinkin' some pale ale). Here are some alcoholpolitical thoughts outside..

The Green session also offered huge variety of great beers and interesting people. I also met the Põhjala brewery team, so gentleman If You're reading it was a pleasure to meet.
Day ended with interesting adventure. I wandered to wrong bus stop and met great chaps from..Malmö (?) and I eventually found my self in a train going to Göteborg without a ticket, but that just happens.. So thanks to boys from Sweden, it also was a pleasure to meet fellow beer enthusiastics.

Most memorable beer of the session: Beavertown Bloody 'El, 7% - Blood Orange IPA. Just so damn fresh and good.

The next morning we started to think all those beers we had drinked. So much alcohol, that You start to question everything and trying to find yourself again. I found myself from the nature..

Quack, quack.

So after quick quacking and making peace with the mother nature we found ourselves there, were it all started. The terrace of Mikkeller Bar. It felt like we never left there. I finally got some beer geek brunch weasel and beer geek vanilla shake, so damn good. On the terrace, listening to Jazzband we tried to wrap everything together..and failed.

Finally.. After about 160 beer samples. We can give some nominations:

Best beer of the CBC'14 by points: Omnipollo Hypnopompa Bourbon BA Imperial Stout. (42/50points).
Most memorable beer: Cycle Fixie (Really good refreshing session beer)
Biggest disappointment: Three Floyds Dreadnaught (No 3 of DIPA in RateBeer, was just above average by style.
Funniest name: Arizona Wilderness - Wet Beaver Wit and Freigeist - Best brewjob ever.
Lowest scoring beer: B. Nektar Kill all the golfers. (Just for the reason that I still don't like honey at all, but I had to try.)
Funniest ideas: To Øl vending machine and Närke's Urinal with tap.
Overall: Great festivals, really a spot on. Improvements? Some terrace tables to outdoors to make a bit more space inside. Maybe a bit more beer, so that they won't run out in an hour? And a few toilet more.

I hope you liked my story of the CBC'14, now it's Your time chance to leave comments.

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