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maanantai 5. toukokuuta 2014

Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014 - Road Trip, part 1

Hello beer geeks, snobs and other hipsters. This time Tuopin Ääressä/Behind the Pint has gone English, or Finglish if You wish? I know damn well that my english IS not perfect, but U know what? Frankly my dear, I won't give a Carlsberg.

So me and my mate Tontor visited this year Beer Celebration in Copenhagen. We got the pink tickets, thanks to my friends flash fast fingers. After all the sessions it's good time to sum up our epic journey towards the ultimate freedom, or was it just the ultimate beer? I thought they were the same?

Now, I present You the first parts of our trip to Christiania Blowing Celeb...wait..or was it?

And then we finded ourselves in Copenhagen. The Mikkeller Bar was just around the corner..

Then we got hungry and the best place to fill Your screaming stomach is of course a brewpub.. Did we really eat anything? can't remember.

Finally...the Fermentoren, so no festivals today my friend..Getting slightly tipsy allready, but It was just the training for the BIG thing.

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